Father’s Day at Bombs Away!

Designed for him but meant for you, our Mr. B-007 bath bomb will transform your guy into an International Man of Mystery with its strong, masculine, yet sensitive scent which will surely unleash his feminine side while he soaks after a long, hard day of saving the world.

If you’re a fella, chances are, unless you’re under the age of six or a professional athlete, you probably haven’t thought much about the benefits of soaking in the tub. Plenty of guys don’t think about taking baths for whatever reason, possibly because of the time commitment, bathtub size, or just plain old generations of gendered marketing, but let’s set the record straight once and for all – it’s not weird for guys to take baths. Baths aren’t just for women, little kids and muddy dogs! Bathing has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being and aids in relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety management, unlocking stiff joints, relief of skin conditions, and pain management.

Bombs Away has something for every one and Dads are no exception! Give the the gift of relaxation and sore-muscle relief to Dad this Father’s Day!